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Activate Your AdRoll Pixel

Your pixel is a JavaScript code snippet, designed not to affect page load time. You can find your pixel code at any time by navigating to your Audience tab > View Pixel

Learn more about your pixel.

Activate your AdRoll Pixel

  1. Copy your AdRoll Pixel.

  2. Paste it in the HTML of your website right above the end </body> tag or in the global footer.

  3. (Optional) Uncomment the adroll_email line for cross-device targeting. Learn more.


Activate through an integration

We’ve compiled instructions for available platform integrations - such as Google Tag Manager, Shopify, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce.

If your platform isn't listed, search your platform’s support documentation. 

If you need help, reach out to your platform’s support team. Be sure to let us know which platform you use and we'll add it to our list of integrations.


Where to place your pixel

You'll only need to place it once for it to fire across every page, but you should make sure it's set up on every page. This way, you can capture all activity that happens on your site.

If you have an online shop, make sure your AdRoll Pixel is active on your cart and checkout pages. For some shops, checkout occurs on a different domain ( than store pages. If so, you’ll need to add your AdRoll Pixel to those pages separately. This ensures that we're able to target your highest-intent visitors and know when someone successfully completes a purchase.



If you’ve added your AdRoll Pixel to your website and there's an error, try these solutions.

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