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Recommendations for Your First Campaign

Your first campaign establishes your performance baseline. When you refine your future campaigns, you can compare new activity to this baseline to make sure any changes to strategy, creative, or optimizations are effective. As the man hailed as the father of advertising said: "Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving."- David Ogilvy

Set Your Budget

Be conservative with your initial estimate. Set a budget that makes sense for your daily site traffic. Learn more about how to optimize your budget over time and use our budget calculator to get a per-campaign estimate based on your visitor traffic.


Target the Right Audience

Generally, the larger your audience, the better your performance.

We set up your account to automatically capture all visitors to your website. By establishing a baseline with your broadest audience first, you can see the impact when you narrow your target.


Designing Your Ads

Don't just make one ad – create a few variations so you can learn what draw your audience in.

To complement your target audience, we recommend general brand ads that can be easily recognized. Having a strong brand presence or demonstrating value that a visitor may have missed on their first visit can help drive engagement. Learn more about your ad choices

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