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Retargeting Basics

What is retargeting?

In simple terms, retargeting helps you connect with people who interact with your business online.

The steps of retargeting:

  1. Someone visits your website

  2. They leave

  3. We help you reconnect with them


Use retargeting to:

  • Bring people back to complete their order.

  • Run promotions.

  • Let existing customers know what's new.

  • Grow brand awareness.


How does retargeting work?

It all starts with a cookie. They’re everywhere on the Internet. Think of a website that you are a member of — for example, Facebook. Have you ever noticed that once you’ve signed in, you don’t have to sign in again the next time you visit? Well that is done through the magic of cookies, tiny data packets stored in your browser that turn the Internet into your Internet.

That’s how retargeting works. When someone visits your website, your AdRoll Pixel places a cookie in their browser. As long as that cookie remains in their browser, we’ll recognize that they’ve been to your website and help you reconnect.


Do I get to choose where my ads appear?

You decide where you want to serve your ads, on the wider web or Facebook. We work to make sure that every impression counts by reaching the right visitor at the right time to get them to convert. Learn more about how we figure out when to serve an impression through artificial intelligence.


Will I get retargeted by my own ads?

If you would like to get retargeted by your own ad to see them in action, check out these tips.

Most advertisers prefer to save their impressions for their potential customers. Learn more about IP address exclusion to limit who sees your ads.

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