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Google Tag Manager Integration

1. In Google Tag manager, create a new tag and select AdRoll SmartPixel under Certified Remarketing.

2. Get your AdRoll smart pixel adroll_adv_id and adroll_pix_id values. You can obtain these from your AdRoll dashboard.

3. From the main AdRoll dashboard, click “Get SmartPixel.”

4. Insert your adroll_adv_id and adroll_pix_id into the appropriate fields.

Optionally pass conversion value

You can optionally pass conversion value on conversion pages by setting up a macro for the conversion value field. Since your AdRoll tag will likely fire on all pages, make sure the macro is only implemented on the conversion page.

The conversion value macro can populate from various elements such as a JavaScript variable, DOM text, attribute, or a URL component.

For more information on setting up Google Tag Manager macros, visit the Google Tag Manager’s macro reference article.

Optionally pass custom data

Additionally you can pass custom data during conversions. You can do this by setting up a macro for each custom data field.

Add a rule to fire the tag on all pages

Click the button for Add Rule to Fire Tag. This will tell Google to load the AdRoll tag on all pages.

Save this tag

Now you’ll update your Tag by clicking “Create Version” in the top right corner.

Now preview your changes, and when ready, click “Publish.”

You’re done!

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