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Setting Up Dynamic Creative

What is Dynamic Creative? 

AdRoll’s dynamic creative helps businesses serve targeted ad content based on the product pages a user visits. Dynamic creative is an effective component of a comprehensive retargeting strategy that keeps customers shopping and engaged with your brand. 

Types of dynamic creative:

  • Traditional Web-based dynamic creatives are built in Flash and come in the following sizes:
    • 300×250
    • 160×600
    • 728×90
    • Additional ad sizes may be available upon request
  • Facebook dynamic creatives
    • 600x315 Right-Hand Column (RHC) ads that render the image as 254x133
    • 600x315 News Feed (NF) and Mobile News Feed that render the image as 400x209
    • 200x200 thumbnail image for NF ads


How to set up dynamic creative:

  1. Implementing Pixel: AdRoll’s JavaScript pixel must be placed directly across your site enabling us to pass back a Product ID into our system
  2. Product Feed: Provide AdRoll with access to your Product Feed
  3. Dynamic creative design: AdRoll’s teams of experienced designers will design your dynamic creative

1. Implementing Pixel:

    • AdRoll’s JavaScript SmartPixel must be placed directly on your site across all pages. For more information on placing the AdRoll pixel, check out "Implementing Your SmartPixel".
    • In order to launch dynamic creative campaigns, we must be able to record the Product ID from your page when a user views a product. Though our SmartPixel can do this automatically, a site redesign or restructuring can interfere with our ability to pull Product ID. Please inform your Account Manager of any changes to avoid any variance in dynamic creative performance.
    • Alternatively, you can explicitly send us the Product ID by adding an additional parameter to our SmartPixel on your product pages:
adroll_custom_data = {"product_id":"12345"};
The Product ID should match up with the Product ID from your product feed.
Complete example:

If our SmartPixel is placed inside an iFrame or other container solution, the Product ID must be set using the code above or be available in the iFrame html or URL.


2. Product Feed:

  • We require a product feed that contains information about all the products on your website. The data from the product feed will be used to generate the dynamic content such as the title, price, etc. in your ads.
  • The most important thing to remember is that Product ID from your product feed should match up with the Product ID on your product pages.
  • Check out our Product Feed Guidelines for details about setting up a product feed.


3. Dynamic Creative Functionality and Design

Dynamic creative is built in two parts:

  • Loading Ad: Static creative that will display for two seconds while the dynamic content is loading. In the event that the dynamic content does not load, the loading ad will remain for the duration of the impression.
  • Dynamic content: Once products are successfully matched, the ad will automatically transition into the dynamic content, showcasing products that a specific user viewed

Example of a loading ad:


With dynamic content loaded:



  • Ad will render recently-viewed and recommended products based on the user’s browsing history, in addition to top products based on site traffic.
  • Destination URL will be the product page associated with the product clicked – pulled from the feed
  • Tracking parameters can be appended to destination URLs by your Account Manager


AdRoll’s experienced team of designers will ensure your custom dynamic creative highlight your products in the best way possible through a beautiful and effective branded ad.


Dynamic Elements:
The elements will be directly pulled from the feed you provide. These components commonly include (required elements in bold):

  • Product Title 
  • Product Image
  • Price
  • Sale Price

Static Content:

  • Loading ad (please provide the image or product you’d like AdRoll to use)
  • Messaging/Promo (example: free shipping on orders over $50)
  • Call-to-Action Button Text (example: shop now, buy now)

Brand Assets:

While our designers can pull necessary items from your website if needed, it’s best for you to provide a few things:

  • High Resolution Logo
  • Brand Tag Line
  • Brand Color Scheme
  • Brand Font Files
  • Brand Identity Guidelines

Additional considerations:

  • AdRoll will present you with live demos of your dynamic creative for approval.
  • You have the ability to revise the dynamic creative design up to two times before they are set live. Please provide as much detailed feedback and instruction as possible.
  • Once your dynamic creative is live, we offer one creative refresh per quarter (3 months) or every 10 million impressions. Please keep that in mind when considering what messaging, promos, etc to feature.