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Third Party Campaign Tracking

What can be measured by an external campaign platform?

By tagging your destination URLs and using an analytics tool, you can track visitors who click your display ads, as well as their actions on your website after the initial click. View-throughs can also be measured as assisted conversions by most analytics tools.


How do I tag my links with campaign tracking codes?

Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, KISSMetrics, Mixpanel, IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics) and Adobe (Omniture) SiteCatalyst can read campaign tracking parameters appended to marketing URLs. The analytics tools use the parameters to group and measure website traffic from your marketing campaigns.


Tracking AdRoll campaigns with Google Analytics

Google Analytics defines five tracking variables that can be appended to your destination links for campaign tracking:

  • Source*
  • Medium*
  • Term
  • Content
  • Campaign Name*

*Source, Medium, and Name are required


An example of URL tagged for Google Analytics (split across several lines):






We recommend using the following four campaign tracking codes: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, and utm_content

  • Campaign Source (utm_source): Required. Use utm_source to identify AdRoll as the source of your tracking. Recommendation: utm_source=adroll
  • Campaign Medium (utm_medium): Required. Use utm_medium to identify AdRoll as display advertising. Recommendation: utm_medium=display
  • Campaign Name (utm_campaign): Use utm_campaign to identify the campaign or promotion name. We recommend combining your AdRoll campaign name with your AdRoll AdGroup. Example: utm_campaign=adroll_acquistion_adgroup_1
  • Ad Name (utm_content): Use utm_content to differentiate versions and sizes of ads. Example: utm_content=static_160x600_v002

You can generate your destination links using Google’s Analytics URL Builder.


For more information on what to expect when using Google Analytics with AdRoll campaigns, see "Tracking Campaigns with Google Analytics"


Tracking AdRoll campaigns with IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics)

IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics) implementations usually use the cm_mmc variable. Using the cm_mmc variable, the campaign tag provides four pieces of data, delimited by the value “-_-”.  Check with your analytics specialists to determine the proper way to set up campaign tracking for AdRoll using Coremetrics.


Tracking AdRoll campaigns with Adobe SiteCatalyst

SiteCatalyst implementations are customized for each client, and campaign tracking codes for each implementation vary. You should reference your SiteCatalyst Solution Design document and your analytics specialists to determine the proper way to tag links so that the SiteCatalyst campaign variables are populated.