Understanding Email Marketing Consent in Contact Profiles


In this article, you’ll learn how to understand email eligibility and consent in individual contact profiles. This status shows you who you can or cannot email using AdRoll and is a vital part of maintaining a positive relationship with your customers.

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Viewing a Profile’s Consent Status in AdRoll

To see if a profile is able to receive email messages and has provided consent, navigate to the profile page.

On the profile page, you’ll see a section called Consent Info. In this section, you’ll see the details regarding the contact’s eligibility to receive email messages.

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Eligible for Email

This is a simple, holistic view as to whether or not the contact is eligible to receive email. 

Yes If the contact has subscribed to be emailed and their email address is valid, they will be eligible.
No If the contact has not subscribed or has specifically unsubscribed after being subscribed, they will not be eligible. Additionally, if a contact has subscribed but AdRoll has identified that their email address is not valid, they will not be eligible.

Consent Status

This shows details on whether or not the individual contact has given implicit or explicit consent to be emailed by your brand.

Subscribed Consent from the contact has been directly observed by AdRoll and the contact is eligible for email marketing.
Not Subscribed Contact has not subscribed to email marketing or consent to be emailed has not been directly observed by AdRoll.
Unsubscribed The contact previously provided consent but then took action to unsubscribe. Alternatively, the contact was unsubscribed by you directly. 
Pending The contact requires double opt-in and until the contact confirms their subscription they are not subscribed.

Last Consent Date

This shows the most recent date of activity related to the Consent Status. For example, this could be the date a contact subscribed or unsubscribed.

Last Consent Source

This is the latest source of activity related to the contact’s Consent Status. For example, a contact could have been subscribed via a form you set up using AdRoll Pixel Assistant.

Sources of Opt-In


When you complete a Shopify integration with AdRoll, your contacts are imported into AdRoll. 

Each contact comes with a consent status by either subscribing through a newsletter signup form or the checkbox within the registration form on your website.

AdRoll Pixel Using the AdRoll Pixel, you can approve Form ID’s for email collection.
AdRoll Contact Capture Form High-converting forms placed on your website using AdRoll’s easy drag-and-drop form builder.
Pixel Assistant The latest way to easily approve forms on your website for email collection in a way that captures explicit consent.
CSV Upload Upload a CSV of all your contacts.

Sources of Opt-Out

AdRoll Email Footer The contact unsubscribed directly from the footer of an email sent via AdRoll.
Shopify If you sent an email using Shopify and the contact unsubscribed,
Manual You uploaded a CSV of unsubscribes within your AdRoll Settings.
CSV Upload You connected your MailChimp unsubscribes to AdRoll in your Settings.
Mailchimp You connected your MailChimp unsubscribes to AdRoll in your Settings.

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