Navigating your Email Dashboard

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Your Email dashboard allows you to narrow your focus and only see the important data about your email newsletter campaigns.

Note: To view your data for your automated email campaigns, check out Navigating your Automated Email dashboard.

Accessing the Email Dashboard

You can quickly review your Email performance from the Homepage by going to the Email Campaigns card under Performance and clicking on Email Campaigns List.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to the left navigation menu and click on Email to view your Email dashboard.

Dashboard View

  1. The Email dashboard can be viewed in two different formats: Campaigns List or Performance Graphs.
    • The Campaigns List tab shows all the emails (newsletter and automated emails) you created in a list format.
    • The Performance Graph tab gives you performance charts with the most important email metrics for each email you've created.
  2. You can select the data range, and filter by the status of the emails and by message type (newsletters and automated emails). You can also customize the metrics shown in your dashboard by clicking on the Customize button and adding the KPIs you want to track.
  3. We sift through all your Emails in the selected date range and highlight Performance Insights based on the Open Rate, Click Rate, Number of Delivered Emails, Attributed Conversions, Influence Revenue, or Bounced Rate.

  4. You can also export the table with the email performance of your emails as a spreadsheet by clicking on the Export button.

  5. Engagement Graphs by Device and by Country

    Deep dive into the opens and clicks for all the emails that were part of Email Campaigns in the selected date range. With the device graph, you can check out the devices that your subscribers used to interact with your emails and optimize the design of your emails. The country graph will show you the top 5 countries that subscribers open or click on your email. This will let you better understand your subscriber base.


  6. Click Performance

    Find the top links your subscribers clicked on across all your emails in the selected date range.


Email Details View

  1. To select a specific email (individual newsletter, email of a recipe or email in an email flow)., click on the campaign name in the Campaigns List table or the Performance Graphs tab.
  2. Control the metrics you'd like to view by clicking on the Customize button in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

  3. Review the target list by clicking on the Audience tab. There, you will find the audience segments this newsletter targeted or excluded, their type, and duration. 
  4. View the Engagement Graphs on an individual email level (individual newsletter, email of a recipe or email in an email flow). In this view, you can review the opens and clicks for the specific email in the selected date range. You can always download these graphs as images by clicking on the Export button.
  5. Click Performance - Find the top links your subscribers clicked on in the selected date range. You can see the unique clicks and percentages from the total clicks that happened on that newsletter.
  6. Email Click Map - You can access the Click Map of an email by clicking on the View Click Map button on the Click Performance tab.


    This view helps you visualize where subscribers are clicking in your email and presents this data right on top of your design, so you can quickly see what's working. What’s available there:
    Email Click Map
    • When was the last click recorded 
    • A table with all the links that recipients of the newsletter clicked on and where these links appear in the email template. 

Understanding the Important KPIs

Term Description 
Sent Total number of emails sent. You can set the defined date range to get an accurate count by Day, Week or Month.
Impressions Number of times your content is displayed or email is viewed.



The number of emails opened out of the emails sent. Emails that were sent and opened will be counted in this category. 
Clicks  Clicks are counted when a users opens the email clicks at least one area of the email.
CTR (Click Thru Rate)  Your email click rate is the total number of clicks your emails receive, divided by the total number of emails delivered.
CPM  Cost per thousand impressions, or "CPM," refers to the cost of displaying an advertisement one thousand times (known as "impressions").
CPC Cost Per Click. Calculated cost based on clicks. 
Conversions Email marketing conversion rate is the percentage of subscribers who complete a goal action.
CPA Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition.
CTC Click To Conversion is calculated by dividing the number of clicks received from a specific email or link divided by the number of resulting conversions. Typical conversions are sales or completed orders.
VTC View Through Click -  A view through click would mean that a customer saw your ad, did not click, but in a later session visited your website and converted.
Average Order Value  Average order value (AOV) tracks the average dollar amount spent each time a customer places an order on a website or mobile app.
Attributed Revenue  Revenue attribution is the process of matching customer sales to specific advertisements in order to understand where revenue is coming from.
ROAS Return on Ad Spend.
Influenced Conversions  Influence Conversion Rate is the ratio of total visitors to visitors who take desired actions.
Influenced Revenue  Revenue touched or assisted by an email but not attributed due to the current attribution model.
Bounced Deliveries that were rejected by the recipient's email service provider.


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