Migration from Legacy Recipes to New Automations

We’ve made some big updates to our marketing recipes that make cross-channel campaigns easier than ever before. This new experience means your account won’t look quite the same as before. 

We know you likely have questions, so below are some answers.

What does this mean for my existing recipes? 

All campaigns have been ungrouped and moved into individual channel pages. Your campaigns will continue to run as is but are no longer found in the ‘Recipes’ tab. All ad campaigns are now found under the ‘Social & Display Ads’ tab and email campaigns under the ‘Automated Emails’ tab.

What is happening to my recipe reporting?

Reporting is no longer displayed at the recipe level, but rather at the individual campaign level. You’ll find reporting in the following places: 

  • Ad campaign performance → ‘Social & Display Ads’ tab
  • Email campaign performance → ‘Automated Emails’ tab
  • Cross-channel performance → ‘Cross-Channel Dashboard

How can I edit my recipes? 

As recipes have been ungrouped, you will no longer edit them from the ‘Recipes’ tab. You can still edit campaigns individually in the following places: 

  • Ads → ‘Social & Display Ads’ tab
  • Emails → ‘Automated Emails’ tab

How can I build a new automation?

The new recipe experience makes building automation easier than ever. Now, you’ll build, edit, and customize your campaigns across email, display ads, and social ads all from a single screen. 

See the new automation builder

Additional questions?

Check out our Recipes Guide for more information about how to use the new automation builder. 

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