How to Use the AI Text Block to Generate Content in an Email Template


One of the biggest strengths of the AdRoll email builder is that it provides tremendous design flexibility without having to manage code. This is achieved by providing a variety of content blocks that you can use in your design, each with different types of elements. To use them, simply drag them into your email design.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use the AI Text block. The AI Text block uses the power of AI to create marketing content for you, enabling you to build high-performing emails faster. 

Before you begin

Before you begin, we recommend familiarizing yourself with:

Using the AI Text Block

The AI Text block is available in the email builder when you are editing an email from your Email Template Library or after you’ve selected to use an email template for a specific campaign.

To use the AI Text block, take the below steps once you are in the email builder:

  1. On the right side of the editor, make sure you are in the Content tab.
  2. You’ll see a range of content blocks available. Find the AI Text block and drag it into your email.
  3. In your email, click to Add AI-Powered Text.
  4. This will open a modal where you can input information to generate text.
  5. Tell AdRoll AI what you would like to write about and be specific! This context will be used to prompt AI when generating results.
  6. Select a Writing Style that matches your brand guidelines and voice
    1. Casual
    2. Formal
    3. Humorous
    4. Sincere
    5. Informative
  7. Select a Paragraph Length
    1. Short
    2. Medium
    3. Long
  8. If the email you are editing is a part of pre-built automation, you may also choose to incorporate the goal of that series, such as cart abandonment.
  9. Click to Generate
  10. Text will be generated for you in seconds. Select the text you’d like to use or click to Regenerate more suggestions.
  11. Once you select text to insert into your email template, you can make any edits needed. Adjust the text to meet your needs and ensure it’s styled to match the design of the rest of your template.

Additional Considerations

AdRoll AI will generate text for you and is a great source of inspiration for getting started. However, you are still responsible for the final message and design that is sent as a part of an email campaign.  

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