How estimated recipients are calculated for a campaign


In this article, you’ll learn how the Estimated Recipients for a campaign are calculated. Once you save your inclusion and exclusion lists for an email Newsletter Campaign, this number will display in the summary view of your selections with the label “Estimated Recipients”.

The number shows an estimate of the number of contacts who are expected to be sent your campaign.

Calculating estimated recipients

The following factors are used to calculate your Estimated Recipients:

  • Add together all contacts that exist in the lists and segments you chose to include
  • Subtract duplicate contacts that may exist in multiple lists you chose to include
  • Subtract contacts that exist in lists you chose to exclude, if any
  • Subtract profiles within any included groups that also exist in lists you chose to exclude
  • Subtract unsubscribed, not subscribed, or suppressed contacts from all included lists. 
    • A contact with an invalid email address will be suppressed. Invalid emails are identified by AdRoll when we track a Hard Bounce for an email campaign or when a contact is added to our system via various contact collection methods.

Additional Considerations

  • If none of the lists you chose to exclude contain contacts that are also on lists you chose to include, the Estimated Recipients count won’t be dramatically different from the number of members in the included lists unless a majority of members in the inclusion list are unsubscribed or not subscribed to receive email from you.
  • If contacts have hit their frequency cap when the email campaign starts to send, that contact will also be suppressed. This would cause the count of emails sent to be less than what was originally estimated.
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