How to Exclude Lists from a Campaign


In this article, you’ll learn how to exclude certain groups of contacts when sending an Email Newsletter Campaign. In addition to selecting who you want to include you will also see don’t include, which you can use to exclude one or more lists from receiving your campaign. 

If you would like to exclude specific individuals from a campaign, you’ll add them to a dedicated list first, then exclude that list from the campaign when you select your recipients.

Example Use Cases

For example:

  • To avoid damaging your sender's reputation, you should not send to your unengaged contacts for an evergreen newsletter campaign. Ensure you are only sending to an engaged list of contacts who have opened or clicked on an email campaign recently.

  • Don't send to groups of contacts that may not be interested in your specific campaign's content or may engage better with a separate campaign built for them. For example, when launching a new collection with limited inventory, you may want to send your most active customers special, advanced notice. When you send a more general announcement at a later date, you could exclude those contacts who have already been notified.

  • If you're using segmentation to send similar campaigns to several different target audiences there may be some overlap. However, you want to avoid recipients from receiving duplicate messages. In this case, you would choose to exclude all other segments you'll be targeting from each individual send.

How to exclude lists from a campaign

Once you’ve opened your campaign, in Step 1 you’ll be prompted to add an audience.

  1. In the first dropdown, choose an initial list or several that you want to include in your campaign.
  2. In the second dropdown, choose a list or several that you don’t want to include in your campaign.

  1. Once you’ve selected the lists you want to include and exclude, click Save.

Your changes will save and you’ll be presented with a summary of your selections as well as your Estimated Recipients.


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