AdRoll’s New Contact Capture Builder

Alert: We’re rolling out this feature slowly, and it is currently available to select AdRoll customers with a paid subscription.

With our new improved drag-and-drop form builder, you can create high-converting forms that will allow you to grow your contact list faster and easier for cross-channel marketing. 

How it works?

  1. Navigate from the left-hand menu to Capture Emails and you’ll be able to view the Contact Capture dashboard. 
  2. Click Create Form and enter a form name and select your contact list. If you do not have an existing contact list, create a new list. 

  3. You'll be presented with the New Contact Capture builder with a preselected template that you can customize and make your own. 
  4. Make edits directly on the form and select your preferred font, color, size, weight, and alignment using the font toolbar. 


  5. Drag and drop additional text, image and video to the form. 
  6. Upload and change images using the image library. 


  7. Add input fields that you want to collect and mark required as needed. 
  8. Customize the design of the input fields by changing the font, colors, and border.
  9. Control the Submit and Dismiss button copy and branding.
  10. If required, you can include a legal disclaimer using the legal consent block.  AdRoll has already included a sample copy which you can edit, change and include a link to your privacy policy.

  11. If you have cross-device enabled, you will see a mandatory legal disclaimer shown on your form. You can remove this by changing your opt-in preferences in your AdRoll settings. 
  12. Click on the success message to view and edit the page that will appear to anyone who successfully completes your form.
  13. Edit when the contact capture form should appear. Set it for specific URLs, targeted segments, or based on customer actions.


  14. Save changes and set to publish.
  15. Changes made to the form can take up to an hour to be published on your site. 

What will happen to my existing forms? 

We will be incrementally moving your forms over to the new Contact Capture Builder by April 3, 2023.

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