Use the Brand Manager to Build Consistent Email Templates Faster


Consistent branding is at the root of a business’s identity. It makes a company memorable, increases recognition across marketing channels, and creates trust with potential shoppers. Emails should always have a compelling look and design and accurately reflect a business’s brand guidelines so your recipients know what to expect.

Creating a consistent brand is a vital part of growing any business and can generate long-term tangible returns. Studies have shown that companies with consistent branding can see up to a 33% increase in revenue.

In this article, you’ll learn how to manage your brand styles and assets in AdRoll’s Brand Manager, helping you create multiple email templates faster and with a consistent brand. 

What is the Brand Manager?

The AdRoll Brand Manager is a single, easy-to-access location that enables you to manage your brand styles, assets, and commonly used links. These elements are then automatically applied to multiple, pre-built Branded templates available in your Email Template Library by default. 

Access the Brand Manager

To access the Brand Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Email Templates tab in your AdRoll Dashboard
  2. Click on the button in the upper right-hand corner called Manage Your Brand
  3. You’ll be redirected to the Brand Manager landing page where you can begin to update your brand colors, fonts, assets, and links.

Manage and Edit Your Brand

Once in the Brand Manager, you’ll see a range of elements that can be updated to reflect your unique brand guidelines, as well as a Preview of an example email template with your brand applied.


You can edit the following brand elements:




Upload your company logo and it will display at the top of all your Branded templates. We recommend using an image with a transparent background. You can also add a hyperlink for the logo.


Primary and Secondary colors will be applied to multiple elements within your email template such as the background, buttons, links, and text. 


The Border Radius of your button will be applied to all buttons in a template.  This controls whether your buttons have a more square or rounded shape.


Choose an email-safe font for your Headings and Body text.

 Social Media   Profiles

Add links to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile pages.  You can also control the style of social media icons that will display at the bottom of your Branded templates.


Use Branded Templates That Already Have Your Styles Applied

Finding Your Branded Templates

Once you update your Brand Manager to accurately reflect the different elements of your brand, you can find Branded templates in your Template Library with your brand auto-applied! 

Note: When you make edits to your brand in the Brand Manager, those changes are only applied to the default Branded templates available to you in the Template Library. Any templates that you have already created or used in an email campaign will not reflect your changes. We recommend updating your Brand Manager before creating or using any of your Branded Templates.

To find and edit your Branded Templates:

  1. Navigate to the Email Templates tab in your AdRoll Dashboard
  2. In the Themes tab, filter your pre-built templates by the Your Brand Category
  3. All Branded templates will display once the filter is applied
  4. Select to Use the template you’d like to edit
  5. You’ll be directed into the standard email builder where you can edit the template using AdRoll’s easy, no-code content blocks
  6. Once you edit and save any changes, the template will display under the My Templates tab in your Template Library



Branded Templates Available in Your Template Library

There are 9 Branded templates available in your Template Library. All these templates can be customized and used in any email campaign. 

Below is a description of each Branded template available:



 Announce a Sale

Let your audience know there is a store-wide sale going on that they should take advantage of.

 Convert Cart   Abandoners

Bring potential shoppers back to their cart to complete a  purchase. This template dynamically inserts abandoned products that require a product feed.

 Convert Browse   Abandoners

Get browsers stoked with a reminder of the products they’ve shown interest in. This template dynamically inserts product recommendations for each recipient which requires a product feed.

 Informational Letter

Build a more personal relationship with a plain text email.

 Introduce a New   Collection

Showcase a new group of products to nudge your audience into buying them.

 Offer a discount

Give your audience a discount code that can be used at checkout of your online store. This template dynamically inserts product recommendations for each recipient which requires a product feed.

 Spotlight a product

Showcase a single product along with its variations, how to use it, or a unique story.

 Weekly Newsletter

Keep the brand top-of-mind by sharing news, tips and tricks.

 Welcome New   Subscribers

Greet new subscribers, introduce them to your brand and get their attention early.

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