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Confirm Your AdRoll/Marketo Connector

After you set up your AdRoll/Marketo Connector, confirm it's working with the following steps:


  1. Wait 24 hours after setting up the Connector.

  2. Go to your Marketo Admin page, then search Integrations for Web Services.


  3. Navigate to API Call InformationRequests in the Last 7 Days and click the number on the right.


  4. Your AdRoll/Marketo Connector should be listed. If there are numbers below each date, the integration is working.



If your AdRoll/Marketo Connector is not listed or if all the results are zero, ensure that you:

  • Waited at least 24 hours. Marketo data syncs every day at midnight PST.
  • Followed the correct setup. Make sure you enabled Share AdRoll data with Marketo.
  • Have an active AdRoll campaign with at least 500 clicks.
  • Completed the Universal Opt In.
  • Have collected enough email addresses.
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