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Manual Campaign Setup

AdRoll makes setting up your Retargeting campaign easy with Automated Campaigns. If you’re still interested in building your campaigns manually, take a look at these best practices.

The following recommendations are based on what we have learned from over 30,000 customers and over a decade of campaign optimizations for every type of company. 

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Where can I find my audience?

Anywhere they are online. With AdRoll, you can retarget your audience across the web, social networks, mobile, and even their inbox.

  • Desktop/Mobile Web

    • There are millions of news outlets, blogs, and sites that your audiences browse every day, and now there are over 2 billion smartphone owners. These statistics mean that it’s now easier than ever to connect with your audience across many sites and any device they own.

  • Social Networks

    • Facebook and Instagram are engaging places where billions of people spend a lot of time. An added benefit of running on these social networks is taking advantage of social engagements, such as shares, likes, and comments.

  • Email Inbox

    • Email is a powerful and direct way to communicate with your audience. Our intelligent platform makes it easy to use your data to connect directly to their email inbox.

Pro Tip:

  • On average, advertisers saw an 83% increase in conversions when they retarget on Web and Social. (AdRoll State of the Industry, 2016)


How do I create my audiences?

You can use your visitors’ on-site behavior as a way to segment, or categorize, your audience. You can target visitors based on specific and demonstrated interests.

The following segmentation strategy is a great place to start:

  • All Visitors

    • Includes everyone who visits your home page

  • Discovery

    • Includes visitors who visit specific pages

    • Allows you to engage mid-intent users with ads that reflect their interest and drive them to conversion

  • Consideration

    • Includes visitors who make it to a conversion page

      • For retailers this might mean they made it to the checkout page, but didn’t buy. For B2B companies, this might mean reaching the form page, but not submitting the form

  • Conversion

    • Includes all visitors who successfully convert (aka take your desired action)

    • You can either exclude them or retarget them specifically

      • A great way to improve customer retention and upsell is creating a loyalty campaign focused on your conversion audience.


Sample Campaign Structures

Once you’re able to determine which audience visitors fall into, you can create campaigns that are geared towards audiences at different stages.

Take a look at these sample campaign structures based on our four audiences:

Sample Retail Campaign Ad Groups

  • All Visitors

    • Includes all website traffic that visits, but does not explore your site

    • Exclude: Discovery, Consideration, and Conversion audiences

  • Discovery

    • Visitors that view 1-2 products or 2+ site pages

    • Exclude: Consideration and Conversion audiences

  • Consideration

    • Visitors that view 3+ products

    • Visitors that abandon their shopping cart

    • Exclude: Conversion audiences

  • Conversion

    • Visitors that complete their purchase

Sample B2B Campaign Ad Groups

  • All Visitors/Discovery

    • Visitors that view 1 or more web pages

    • Exclude: Consideration and Conversion audiences

  • Consideration

    • Visitors that abandon the demo page form

    • Visitors that abandon the signup page form

    • Exclude: Conversion audiences

  • Conversion

    • Visitors that complete a demo request or sign up form

Pro Tips

  • Don’t create campaigns or audiences to target less-visited areas of your site. Your target audience will be too small, leading to poor budget fulfillment and performance.

  • Positively target one audience within each ad group. Keeping Discovery separate from Consideration helps you know where to focus your efforts.

  • One way to improve performance is to focus as much budget as possible on the Consideration audience. Take whatever is leftover and use it on Discovery, then All Visitors. Keep in mind this will limit the amount of visitors your ads will reach.