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Onsite FAQs

  1. Do we need to have the AdRoll Pixel placed to use Onsite?

    Yes. The AdRoll Pixel makes it possible for the pings to be shown and for us to capture the visitor's email address.

  2. Can we sync this with our email marketing database?

    Certainly. Within the app you can download our list of emails and use them within any of your preferred marketing tools.

  3. Can I use the emails we capture with AdRoll?

    Any email you capture can be used to extend your retargeting reach. We make this easy by automatically creating an audience within AdRoll to easily target these prospective customers throughout Web, Facebook, or Email.

  4. How much time does a visitor need to spend on my site before shown the ping?

    After 30 seconds on your site.

  5. Will this slow down the load time of my site?

    No. Because it uses the same pixel you use for AdRoll, there isn’t any additional script that needs to be loaded on your site.

  6. How do you determine if a visitor previously provided their email address?

    We’ll look to see if we have a cookie and email match. If so, we won’t show a user the ping. If a visitor clears their cookies or goes to the website from a new device it’s possible they’ll see the ping again.

  7. Will visitors be shown a ping if they return to my site?

    If an email was provided through the ping: On any future visit they will not be asked to provide their email address again.

    If an email was not provided and the user dismissed the ping: We will wait 24 hours before we show them a ping again.

  8. What happens if I no longer want an email capture on my site?

    Simply deactivate Onsite and within 15 minutes, it will no longer be shown on your site.

  9. What will be shown if two pings are targeting the same page?

    The latest ping published will be shown.

  10. When I use an image in the module what size should the image be?

    This will depend on the placement of your module; either top, bottom or center of the screen.

    If you select to place the module in the center of the screen the max height is 150px. Whereas for top or bottom placement the image is maxed by a width of 180px wide. Regardless of placement, images will resize as you add more fields.


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