Postal Addresses (Managed Accounts Only)

For managed accounts: if you have a list of customer postal addresses, you can use this in your Retargeting campaigns on the web.


In order for list to correctly match you will need to ensure accurate formatting of your file. The first 14 bold fields below are standard and highly recommended for every file uploaded. If a given field can't be supplied, include the respective header and simply leave that column blank.

Note: Headers must be included in the first row of every file and should match the contents of the file.

The standard fields are:

  1. Client Customer ID (should be unique and persistent)
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Street Address 1
  5. Street Address 2
  6. City
  7. State
  8. Zip Code
  9. Zip Plus 4
  10. Email1
  11. Email2
  12. Email3
  13. Phone Number1
  14. Phone Number2
  15. Field1
  16. Field2
  17. ...
  18. Field25

The first field (Client Customer ID) should be unique and persistent across all audiences. This identifier will allow us to de-duplicate rows in the uploaded file, in case a file has multiple rows related to the same person.

File upload 

Once your file has been properly formatted, contact your Account Manager. This file will be uploaded into our partners site, and not in the AdRoll app.

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