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Export AdRoll Data into Marketo

These steps are for customers who have already connected their Marketo account to their AdRoll account and are looking to now export AdRoll Data into Marketo. 

Note: these steps require admin access within Marketo.

If you haven't connected your Marketo account into AdRoll, refer to this article for setting up your AdRoll-Marketo connection end-to-end (will include these steps). 

Ensure Your User has Full API Access

If you know the API user and role given to AdRoll, skip to step 3.

  1. Find out the API user linked to the AdRoll integration. This can be checked in the LaunchPoint screen. You can check the authorized email and credentials in View Details.

  2. Find out the role of the AdRoll API user. Search for the AdRoll user in the Users screen. Check the role column.

  3. Find the role created for your AdRoll-Marketo sync in the Roles tab, and modify it to include the new permissions. Please ensure that ALL the permissions are checked. In addition to the publication and creation of custom activity types, AdRoll requires the ability to approve this activity to be able to export the process. 

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