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Managing Your Email Audience

Your campaign goal determines which audiences you need to have in your account. For example, if you're running a Cart Recovery campaign and your account doesn’t have a cart audience, we'll prompt you to either mark an existing audience as cart or create a new one.

Define Your Audience

By default, campaigns are set to automatic targeting. This will automatically identify and choose segments that match your campaign goals. 

Manual targeting lets you explicitly select audiences to target. For example, if you want to only target users that have been to the shoes section of your site to send them a different message.

Choose from an existing audience you created in AdRoll, or create a new audience by clicking the create button.

Once your campaign targeting is set, you can set up audiences to exclude from this campaign. This typically includes a CRM list of email addresses or anyone at a certain domain.


Excluding a CRM File (Admin Only)

This feature requires a CRM file to be uploaded by an Admin to AdRoll Email.

Domain Exclusion

Domain exclusion is a way to exclude anyone from a domain from receiving an email. For example, exclude your company domain to avoid sending emails to your coworkers.

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