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Send Additional Visitor Data to Your AdRoll Pixel

If your site collects visitor cookie data, you can pass this additional information along to your AdRoll campaigns. You can use this intent and browsing data in your AdRoll campaigns by placing a piece of code after your AdRoll Pixel.

Note: This is a fairly advanced feature that should be executed by your technical team.

Place the following javascript after your AdRoll Pixel to capture that unique value and pass this custom data to AdRoll. In this example, unique_internal_visitor_id represents your code for your cookie data. 

try { 
(function () { 
var splitCookies = document.cookie.split(';');
for (var i = 0; i < splitCookies.length; i++) {
if (splitCookies[i].indexOf('unique_internal_visitor_id') > -1) {
if (typeof adroll_custom_data === 'undefined') {
adroll_custom_data = {};
adroll_custom_data.unique_internal_visitor_id = splitCookies[i].split('=')[1];
} catch (e) {}

We recommend that you test the code in various browsers by executing the javascript in your developer console. To make sure its working correctly, if you test "adroll_custom_data.unique_internal_visitor_id" in the developer console, it should export the same cookie value as the original cookie. 

Once you're successfully set up, you'll soon see this value in your Granular Conversion Reports and AdRoll SQL.

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