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Campaigns Tab

The Campaigns tab provides a performance overview of all of your campaigns.

Use your All Campaigns tab to:

  • Get an overview of your performance over a selected date range.

  • View performance by channel (Web, Facebook, and Email) or by status.

  • Export your selected metrics into a downloadable report.


Customize your view

Sort by metrics that are most important to you. Customize your view of your overall AdRoll performance as well as a campaign-by-campaign breakdown.

  • Customize top-line metrics: The top line metrics will give you a quick view of your performance. By default, we'll displays Spend, Impressions, CTR, Conversions, and CPA. Click the + icon to select which six metrics to display. These selections will be saved for any subsequent visits.

  • Customize campaign metrics: The campaign breakdown provides a campaign-by-campaign look at your performance. To customize your campaign view, click Columns, then select a variety of performance metrics. Because you aren’t limited to the number of metrics that show up on this view, we recommend that you arrange your metrics so the most important metrics display first and all others are available by scroll.

    Learn more about these metrics.


View campaign details

Click on an individual campaign for a deeper view of performance by ads or by audience. To the right of the graph is a summary of details including budget, strategy, and schedule.

To view individual campaign performance:

  1. Log in to AdRoll.
  2. Navigate to your All Campaigns tab.
  3. Click into the campaign you want to view.  

Below the graph, you can customize your view of top-line metrics. Under the Ads tab, you can filter results by ad status or ad size, and by AdGroup or individual ads. Under the Audience tab, see metrics by AdGroup and by individual audiences.


Evaluate performance

  • Select your date range: Adjust the date picker at the top of the page to see what happened over a specific date range.

  • Performance by campaign channel or status: The filters at the top of the page allow you to see the performance of campaigns based on their channel or status. For example, if you want to see performance for your active email campaigns, filter by Channel (Email) and Status (Active).

  • Group campaigns by channel or type: If you’re running multiple campaigns, you can use the "group by" feature to organize your campaigns by channel or type.

    Channel: Group all campaigns by the channel they're running on: Web, Social or Email.

    Type: AdRoll Attract or AdRoll Convert. If you’re running both campaign types, grouping by type allows you to see your performance for upper-funnel or lower-funnel only.

Export reports

The export button allows you to export a report from AdRoll into an XLS file. This feature allows you to share the file with your internal teams. The export feature will mirror your campaign reporting and include the same campaign metrics in an XLS format. To add a metric to your downloaded report, simply customize your view and download the file.

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