Creating Ad Campaigns on Web and Social in Recipes

Alert: Creating Ad Campaigns on Social is only available via Recipes. See this article to learn more about AdRoll Recipes.
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How it works

Know your objectives but not sure how to reach them? AdRoll Marketing Recipes give you the ingredients and steps to reach your goals. When setting up your ad campaign in a recipe, we have already selected the best audience to target across the Web, Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. Within a recipe, our Ad Campaigns will help you easily execute a cohesive strategy across all of your ad channels. 

Note: You will be able to see your social campaigns directly in your Social Ad Accounts.

Setting up your Ads Campaign

    1. Once you are in the automation builder, click the ellipses and “Edit” to set up your ads campaign,
    2. Choose your channels: Select the channels you’d like to run ads on. You must connect your Social Ad Account in order to run Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Learn more about connecting your social channels here.
    3. Add your ad creative: Within each channel, choose or upload the ads you would like to run. For social, you are able to use ads that have been imported or you can use ads you’ve created in our Ads Library. Dynamic ads are not available at this time.
    4. Select your Location Targeting: Within each channel card, verify your location targeting. Web and Facebook default to “All Locations”. TikTok and Pinterest require country selection manually.
    5. Set your budget: Enter the daily budget you would like to spend. By default, we will split the budget evenly across all selected channels. If you would like to manually set your budgets, deselect “Split evenly across channels” and you can set a daily budget per channel. 
Note: Only web spend is billed through AdRoll. All social spend is billed directly on Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

You are now ready to launch your automation!

Important notes for Social Channels within a Recipe

  • All social campaigns launched within a Recipe will use our AdRoll audiences. In the social channels, this will look like a CRM audience. Please do not remove this audience as it is important to the recipe. 
  • Campaigns will show up in your Social Channels as “Recipe Name - Date - Channel”
  • Edits made in the Social Channels directly will be applied to these campaigns
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