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Setting Up Your First AdRoll Email

Use our self-service application to set up the right copy, content, and call-to-action in minutes.


Set up for success:

  1. Create Your Campaign. When you create a new campaign, you’ll be asked to select a campaign goal.

  2. Enter your sender info. Enter the email, name, and address of your business.

  3. Customize your content. Using Facebook? We’ll automatically create an email for you. Or use our pre-built template and add a logo (optional), hero image, edit text or adjust the call to action, or even add product recommendations (available WooCommerce, Shopify stores or customers with a configured product feed). Learn more about using product recommendations with Email here.


Anatomie einer AdRoll-E-Mail

Betreff We recommend 90 characters, including spaces.
Preview Text  Maximal 140 Zeichen, inkl. Leerzeichen.
Logo  No size requirements. Choice of left, center, or right positioning. 
Bild 600x315 size requirement. 
Überschrift Wir empfehlen 40 Zeichen, inkl. Leerzeichen. Schriftart, Farbe und Größe anpassbar.
Body-Text Wir empfehlen 90 Zeichen, inkl. Leerzeichen. Schriftart, Farbe und Größe anpassbar.
CTA Button  Wir empfehlen 30 Zeichen, inkl. Leerzeichen. Schriftart, Farbe, Größe und Hintergrundfarbe anpassbar.


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