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Creating Audience Segments through Segment.com

New to Segment.com?

Segment.com is a hub for all of your website data, and integrating Segment.com with AdRoll helps you create audience segments using that data. You will need to set up Segment.com on your website before you can move forward with passing information to AdRoll. Click here to access Segment.com's documentation on getting started.

How do I enable Segment.com's AdRoll integration?

  1. On the Source tab of your Segment.com dashboard, pick your data source. This should be your website.

  2. Next, go to Integrations and search for "AdRoll". Click!

  3. In Settings you will need to copy and paste your Advertiser ID (adroll_adv_id) and Pixel ID (adroll_pix_id) from your AdRoll Pixel. Fill these in and click the green Enable Integration button at the bottom of the side panel.


How do I create audience segments to track Segment.com events?

  1. Enable Integration, click into Advanced Settings. This is where you will map events that occur on your website to your AdRoll audience segments.

  2. First, you'll need to create a fixed segment on your AdRoll dashboard. Click Segment Audience in the right sidebar. 

  3. Name your segment (e.g. Viewed Product).

  4. Copy your segment ID by clicking copy ID to clipboard. This segment ID is how Segment.com will know what audience segment.com to pass data into.

  5. In the URL Rule field, add a "+" then paste in your segment ID. It should look something like "+1a2b345"

  6. Save your audience segment.

  7. Back in your Segment.com dashboard (in Advanced Settings), enter the name of the segment from the AdRoll dash in the first field. 

  8. In the second field, paste your segment.com ID.

  9. Click Add Row and repeat steps 2 - 8 for each additional segment that you want to track.

  10. Use Segment.com's track method on pages you want record hits to each AdRoll segment.com. The track method can also be used to pass additional custom data.


Erweitertes Conversion-Tracking

Segment.com has several prebuilt variables that you can use  to record enhanced conversion data:

  • Events with property revenue tracks to adroll_conversion_value.

  • "Completed Order" events with property currency track as adroll_currency.

  • "Completed Order" events with property orderId, track as order_id.

  • "Viewed Product" or "Added Product" events with property id will track to product_id.

  • This list is not exclusive, you can track any other label/value pair of your choosing as custom data.


Additional information about the AdRoll/Segment.com integration can be found here.

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