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AdRoll-Pixel Problembehebung

Our AdRoll Pixel is a container pixel that hosts the pixels and tags provided by our partner networks. We recommend that you place your AdRoll Pixel within your global footer, enabling it to fire dynamically across every page of your domain after just one placement. We designed your AdRoll Pixel to fire asynchronously after functional page elements have loaded, meaning that, as long as it was placed correctly, the AdRoll Pixel will not affect page load times. You can find the code for your pixel on your Onboarding page.

Once the AdRoll Pixel is active, your dashboard should update to indicate this in the right sidebar. If you continue to see that it's inactive, here are some potential reasons why.

AdRoll-Pixel Problembehebung:

  1. Give it some time. Give your AdRoll Pixel an hour to register as active. Refresh your dashboard to see the latest status.

  2. Make sure your pixel is placed directly before the closing </body> tag. It is always best to include the AdRoll Pixel directly before the </body> tag on your site. This will ensure that AdRoll’s script loads correctly and will have minimal effect on the rendering of your page content.

  3. Check if your pixel has been modified. Altering your AdRoll Pixel, including changing formatting affects the script’s ability to fire. Your AdRoll Pixel should be placed on all pages of your site exactly as it was copied from your AdRoll dashboard. Please do not add to or edit the script in any way.

  4. Did you place the wrong pixel? If you have multiple advertiser profiles, please ensure that the AdRoll Pixel you placed is linked to the advertiser profile in question. Navigate to the advertiser profile in question and click on the “AdRoll Pixel Inactive” button in the right sidebar to pull up the AdRoll Pixel. Check the pixel ID (line 2 of the JavaScript) to see if it matches the ID of your AdRoll Pixel in the source code of your intended domain.

If you believe you’ve met all of the outlined requirements and your pixel is still not firing after 24 hours, please email your account manager or Customer Delight team for further assistance.

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